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Welcome to Direct Care Clearing House.

The site’s founder, Aaron Daniels, is a professional nurse and caregiver with years of experience in providing the elderly with excellent homecare. Aaron created Direct Care Clearing House as a platform where peers can connect and share professional experiences while improving in their respective fields.

The site also serves as a source of reliable information to those who consider to provide home care to their elderly loved ones. Empowering families with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure their loved ones can enjoy their lives with dignity.

When you join our online community, you can expect:

Career Advice

Our panel of experts provide practical career tips and advice for those interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Join our online community to get the best in career advice and tips at your fingertips.

Handy Tips

Those who have taken it upon themselves to be caregivers of their loved ones can expect helpful guides and tips to ensure they are equipped to provide only the best homecare.

Meal Plans

Professional caregivers and those with elderly loved ones can benefit from our expertly sourced meal plans for the elderly that is geared to improve their health.

We love hearing from members of our audience, and encourage you to contact us! Whether you want to discuss your career as a professional caregiver or want to get some advice on how to best take care of your elderly loved ones, our lines are always open.