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Caring For An Elderly Parent At Home: 4 Useful Tips

Caring for an elderly parent lets you return the support your mum and dad gave you as a child. From making your home safe to hiring a support worker, here’s how you can give your elderly parent the best care possible while they’re at home.

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Make your home as safe as possible

Many injuries happen at home, with Accident and Emergency (A & E) doctors warning that you are: “more likely to die sorting out the Christmas lights by taking them out of the loft, or trying to fix the faulty plug or flex, than an electrician is on a building site.” Making your home as safe as possible for your elderly parent is the first step of caring for them, and can be the most important.

Some of the things you can do to make your home as safe as possible for your elderly parent include: getting rid of clutter (anything that restricts movement); adding support bars to your bath, shower, and toilet; installing anti-scald devices on all taps.

Get your elderly parent connected

One of the biggest mountains to climb for someone who is homebound is being disconnected from the world, being cut off from people and what’s happening outside. To help care for your parent’s mental health, you can show them they’re not alone by making sure they are able to use the internet.

While there is a lot of research into the damage too much web surfing can cause, being able to get in touch with friends and keep up to date with current affairs is an antidote to loneliness. Give your elderly parent the skills to use the internet and you give them the freedom to connect with people and the world whenever they want to.

Put a diet plan & exercise program in place

Few things have such an immediate impact on your physical and mental health as eating well and exercising regularly. To give your elderly parent as full, active, and enjoyable a life as possible you should design a diet plan and exercise program with and for them.

Foods that are high in protein are among the best parts of a healthy diet, as they fill you up without making you feel bloated. However, chocolate has lots of great health qualities too, such as making your mind sharper, and helping your blood flow. When deciding on an exercise plan for your elderly parent, keep in mind what their limitations are – don’t make them over-exert themselves, as this could cause more problems than it solves. This article has some top exercise tips for the elderly.

Hire a carer or support worker to help

While we’d all love to be there all day every day to help our elderly parents, the reality is that life means we can’t be around all of the time. To make sure your parent always gets the care and support they need, you should consider hiring a carer to help when you’re not able to.

Hiring a care worker doesn’t only mean your elderly parent has someone to keep them safe and fed when you’re not around. One of the most important reasons for getting someone in to help is that they give your elderly parent company, giving them someone to talk to.

We all want to do as much as we can to help our elderly parents, and having them at home means you can be around them as often as possible. Put these four tips in place and not only will you give your mum or dad the care they need, but you’ll also give them the tools to live as independent and active a life as possible.

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